Music & Vocals

All-digital workflow with microphones, controllers, multi-track digital mixers, post-production software, recording equipment to support your music and live production requirements.

MIX: Behringer X32 Digital Mixer
INPUT: Behringer S16 Digital Snake (2)
MICS: Sennheiser EW100 G3 Wireless (6)
RECORD: MacBook Pro with Logic Pro

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Video Recording & Broadcast

All-digital workflow with full HD video cameras with HD-SDI, live video mixer with lyrics and graphics key, flexible output to SSD or SD Card.

SHOOT - Canon XA-25 HD-SDI Camera with Telephoto Lens option
MIX - Blackmagic ATEM Television Studio
KEY - EasyWorship 6
RECORD - Blackmagic Hyperdeck Studio SSD

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Live Staging

Setup and stage your production with a live audience with our lighting and sound reinforcements. Add your own equipment to our flexible ceiling rig to customize your look and control it from our live monitoring room - The Hive.

AMPLIFY - Behringer Eurolive B1220 Front of House (4), Wharfedale Active Subwoofer (3), Behringer EP2500 Powered Amplifer (2)
PERFORM - Toshiba 58in LED TV (2) for Display Foldback, Kustom 10in Active Stage Monitors (8)
PROJECT - Dell 4320 WXGA Projectors (3) and 92in motorized projection screens (3)
CONTROL - Behringer LC2412 DMX Lighting Controller
LIGHT - Warm White LED PAR (8), Full Colour Top Light and Back Light LED PAR (20), Fresnel Spots (2) Backdrop Multi-Colour LED